Nestled in the small lumber town of Elcho, WI, the house that is now the Victorian Rose, was originally built around 1910.  It was first used as a mill hands home for the head lumber scaler of the Fish Lumber Company, owned by Charles Fish.  Some time during the 1930s, the company went bankrupt and the house was eventually sold off to another family.  Over time, the property continued to change hands between different families until the year 2000 when the house and grounds were finally purchased by Baker and Fran Branson.

          By this time, the building was in major disrepair and was basically a roof with a furnace underneath it.  Baker and Fran moved onto the property in early September of 2000 living in an RV while baker conducted the renovations. Reconstruction took five years during which the building was completely gutted.  During that period, they installed all new wiring, plumbing, dormers, windows, insulation and siding.  They added a second floor balcony for the guest rooms, the original floors on the second level were re-sanded and the ground level floors were repaired and refinished.  The front porch was rebuilt and the rear deck was added later on after the Rose had opened for business.

  • Interesting fact: the posts from the original front deck were recycled and used to make the bed which now resides in the Lumber Baron room.

          The Elcho Victorian Rose officially opened on January 6, 2005 and held a grand opening on April 23, 2005.  The first guests were welcomed in February of 2005.